Tuloria Rises Again

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Rick E Patton

Special Preview

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Tuloria Rises Again – The Destiny of Three

By Rick Patton

This story is set in the ancient land of Tuloria, a continent on the same planet as Mythenea. Tuloria was the birthplace of life on the planet. Most of the continent is covered with a thick rainforest. The rainforest people coexist with the fairies, pixies and other magical characters in the forest.

The story starts more than thirty years before the battle for Mythenea. Alvina, the fairy princess from Mythenea, has traveled to Tuloria to stop the evil Drolkrad from driving Tuloria into a bloody civil war. More importantly, she must protect two young children, Frederick and Angeline, who are to be the parents of the first triplets born in Tuloria in over 400 years. The triplet girls are the only hope for bringing peace to Tuloria. 

The story begins before the triplets are born. Alvina is doing everything she can to protect Frederick and Angeline. In the following excerpt from the book, Angeline has her first confrontation with Drolkrad in a waking dream:

Frederick lunged forward toward the place where she was standing. He looked over the edge to spot her, trying to fight off thoughts of her being hurt. Below him, in the mist from the waterfall, he finally spotted a dark figure. As the figure emerged from the mist, he could see it was Angeline being held up by a dozen fairies surrounding her. They were slowly lowering her to the side of the river. Wiping tears from his eyes, he quickly climbed down the rocks to where the fairies placed her.

Angeline lay unconscious on the ground. The tears began to swell in his eyes as he looked at her. Saria looked into his eyes and realized how much he loved her. “She is not dead” she told him. “We put her into a dream state to stop her fear.”

Angeline looked around herself. She did not know she was in a waking dream. It seemed so real. A thick mist of fog surrounded her. She was floating above the water in front of the waterfall and was slowly moving toward the ground. She thought everyone else was gone until she spotted Frederick, Saria and the other fairies standing on the edge of the river. Suddenly, they began to fade away as if they were not there. She tried to figure out what was happening to her as the mist grew thicker. She reached the edge of the river where she stood on the rocks surrounded by a mist so thick, it blotted out the forest around her.

A small figure appeared out of the mist. The familiar mix of sounds from the rainforest was quickly replaced by a hideous laugh. “You may have escaped this time, but they won’t always be there to protect you.”

“What are you talking about?” She asked as she stared at the ugly little dwarf. The memories of what actually happened slowly started to return. Realizing she had fallen, she looked down to see if she was hurt. There was a deep blue glow surrounding her.

“You will know soon enough of what I speak. Those retched fairies will not stop me, not even Alvina can stop me now.” She gasped at the mention of Alvina. Drolkrad raised his hand. A bolt of light shot toward her. As it reached her, the blue glow flared sending the bolt of light reeling into the now dark evening sky. Drolkrad let out a scream of anger as he faded away.

Angeline closed her eyes as the mist slowly started to disappear into the darkness. She opened her eyes again. Saria was hovering over her with Frederick at her side. She could see the tears in his eyes. “I thought you were dead,” he told her.

Angeline could feel the sweat dripping from her and felt very weak. She realized she had her first waking dream. It was just like Alvina had described to her. She told them about the waking dream. Saria listened closely to every word realizing that Drolkrad had used his power to push her over the edge of the waterfall. When Angeline was done telling them about the dream, Saria got a very worried look on her face.

“I must go now. I must see Alvina immediately. My friends will guide you safely to the village.” Saria quickly flew away as Frederick helped Angeline to her feet.

“Well, this trip to the river has been really fun,” Angeline said sarcastically.

“At least you are ok!” Frederick replied trying to hide how scared he truly was that he might have lost her. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they both realized how much they had grown to love each other. They followed the fairies as they headed toward the village.

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