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The Adventures of Joey Panda

By Rick E Patton

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Even the simplest act of kindness can turn an ordinary person into a hero. Joey Panda and his sister, Penny, leave the safe and secure world in their village behind to satisfy their desire for adventure and to find their destiny. They do not realize what challenges are ahead of them until an old man convinces them to help save the legendary Panda Valley.

On the way, they are joined by a red monkey named Reggie and find many new friends. They encounter numerous challenges and creatures on their journey including wild monkeys, a kappa, sand serpents, zombies, and evil miners. They also get help from river dragons and are joined on their journey by a brave, young forest fairy named Kira. They learn that being a hero is more than just saving someone from danger. Joey finally realizes that it takes a true hero to touch someone’s heart and save a friend. In the end, this band of friends learns that everyone has a hero inside, just waiting for an opportunity to be discovered.

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