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While we sometimes dabble in poetry, it is a casual activity for both of us. We enjoy reading poetry and have added this page to showcase some new, young poetic talent. Over time, the collection will grow. Our first young poet, Katie, is a family friend with a true passion for poetry. We are very proud to share with you four of her favorite poems. A big thank you to Katie for gratuitously offering her work for your reading pleasure. In addition to Katie, we have selected a wonderful poet to highlight as our featured author, 

Melissa Michaels.

Melissa is an accomplished model and actress. Among her many talents is an interest and ability to write poetry. We are proud to feature her book and one of her poems on our website.

You can learn more about Melissa by visiting her website: www.melissamichaels.net Read on and enjoy

Melissa Michaels
That’s Somebody’s Child

That’s somebody’s child out there on the streets
Where is she now?
Dying for a touch
Longing for a loving hand
Hungry for more than food
That’s what people say
But that’s somebody’s child out there on the streets
Manged hair
Pushing a cart
Carrying all they own in this world
Don’t you know that’s somebody’s child out there on the
The sky should never be anyone’s blanket
Where is he?
Died a hero, you know with his Purple Heart in hand
But that’s somebody’s child out there on the streets
Rejection so conditioned to it
Asking for money
Passerbys choosing not to see
Somebody’s child out there on the streets

Poems by Katie
This poem is about my dad who died nine years ago. It’s kind of sad But I think it’s really good

The Father I Don’t Remember
I watch the home videos
And I see a man
He seems nice
He seems kind
He seems to make my mother happy
She doesn’t smile that much anymore
This man seems to love to laugh
This man who sung me lullabies
He was more of a father to my sis
Than her’s ever was
I was told this was a great man
This man, my father

The father i don’t remember

This is short but my bff says it’s her fav so it must be good. I hope ya like it.

Broken Wings
I used to have wings so i could fly
now their broken cause i’m gonna die
It’s all you’re fault
You never cared at all
Now i’m stuck on the floor
i can no longer soar
i am no longer free
You finally did it

You captured me

Okay this one is a bit longer and it’s talkin to my parents If ya don’t figure it out.
Proud of your girl

I’m sorry i always screw up
I try hard not to
I don’t mean to always yell
I don’t want to create hell
But i want you to be proud of your girl
Please be proud of your girl
I know i’ve messed up but i try
It’s all my fault
I failed once again
I need to do better then i do
I’m doing all of this for you
Cause you should be proud of your girl
I wish you were proud of your girl
I try really hard
but that’s not good enough for you
Sorry that i made you cry
I didn’t mean to
The reason i try so hard is that
You need to be proud of your girl
I hope you’re proud of your girl
I realize i need to be good
but that’s hard
I know i’m not as good as i could be
But hopefully i will be someday
every night i pray
and hope that i will
You will somehow be proud of your girl
You should be able to be proud of your girl
Someday i’ll do something right
for once in my life
maybe not now
but some way somehow
I will no longer mess up
as much as i do
Someday you’ll be proud of your girl
I know you’ll be proud of your girl
I know i’m not great now
but just you wait and see
i’ll make you proud of your girl

The Other Me
Look in the mirror, can’t stand what I see.
The reflection, my shadow, the other me
So cold so quiet
Her mouth is shut, yet her eyes scream out
She looks like she’s dead inside
Like she doesn’t care what happens anymore
She’s angry and hurt
And she’s given up
I hate the reflection I see
I hate the other me
I look outside the mirror, can’t stand what I see.
The reality, a shadow, the other me
Loud and cheerful
She fakes a smile the whole day through
She looks like nothings wrong
Like nothing fazes her
She’s optimistic and hopeful
And a complete fake
I hate the reality I see

I truly hate the other me

For Katie, Rick and Katrina, we hope you enjoyed these. Check back for more on your next visit

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