The Warlock Crystal

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By Rick E Patton

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Warlock Crystal

An unexpected Journey

Erica begins a journey that will change her life forever.

An Unexpected Journey

Erica had never thought of herself as the adventurous type. She usually went out of her way to avoid anything outside her normal routine. At sixteen, she certainly had no desire to be a hero. That all changed when she met Christopher. She suddenly found herself in that very role as she tried to help a friend. She discovers the true strength of her spirit and willpower, while facing the greatest evil in the magic world . . .

“All I can see is a little girl prancing around where she does not belong. What ever magic is protecting you, it will not stop this.” She pointed the wand at Erica again. This time a blue light flared from its end. The light pushed Erica backwards. This time, as it did, everything grew dark. She hit with a hard thud. As she looked around, she realized she was in a dungeon prison cell. There was a small amount of light coming from torches on the walls outside of her cell. As she stood, she realized her back was hurt and it was quite painful. What a fine mess she had gotten herself into.

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