Mythenea Awakens

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By Rick E Patton

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The Adventure Begins . . .

Matthew, the king to be, did not think of himself as heroic, although he had fought to defend the kingdom many times. As he began his journey south to seek a bride to appease his father, his only concern was finding a soul mate to journey home with him. He suddenly finds himself on a heroic journey to save the continent of Mythenea. It is a road that will lead him to his soul mate and his destiny.

One century ago, a very short time in the life of a fairy or a dwarf, one of their most evil members visited us in our forest where you stand. There was a terrible battle. Many fairy souls were lost that day. We battled hard but ultimately lost one of our prize powers.

Matthew recoiled at the scenes in his mind. The landscape was covered with devastation . . . 

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