A Journey into Imagination

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By Rick E Patton

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The Adventure Begins . . .

With fantasy and imagination, the possibilities are endless. In five imaginative, fast paced flights of fantasy, you will be taken on a journey through your imagination. The stories carry the reader to five unique and different worlds.

  • Mythenea Awakens (original version-The Battle for Mythenea) by Rick Patton. The story will be available separately in both a trade paperback and a hard cover collectors edition.

The story of a young prince who becomes the unexpected hero in the battle against the evil magic of the Guild Masters who are determined to destroy Mythenea.

  • Travels In Time-a short story by Katrina Patton

The story of Adnap Nottap, an inventor and reporter. She invents a time machine so that Freddie and her can go back in time to report on real events of the past. The squeal will be included in Catarina’s Quest II scheduled for release in summer 2007.

  • The Warlock Crystal by Rick Patton. The story will be available separately in both a trade paperback and a hard cover collectors edition in December 2002.

The story of a young girl’s sudden and unexpected journey into the world of warlocks and witches. Erica, at sixteen, has no desire to be a hero. Yet, she suddenly found herself in that very role as she tried to help a friend. On her journey, she discovers the true strength of her spirit and willpower, while facing the greatest evil in the magic world.

  • Rickey The Squirrel a short story by Rick Patton

A little love story about Rickey and Cassie and how they discover what it means to be in love.

  • Catarina’s Quest by Katrina Patton

The story of Catarina, a reluctant hero is recruited to stop an evil power. Her destiny takes her to earth’s twin planet, Onrevla. There, she finds herself unable to avoid the role she must play in saving both planets. She learns more than just magic. She learns to believe in herself.

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