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Among the many assignments we have helped our daughters with, the state projects remain favorites. We often found ourselves visiting places we had learned about through their projects. We hope to add the state flags in a future update. Whether you have a state assignment, or just want to learn about the states for fun, the following state fun facts should give you a great place to start.

The state facts were tabulated from the following site. For more facts, games and other resources, click on the link to visit their site:

Date entered union: December 14,1819
Capital: Montgomery
Nickname: Yellowhammer
State Population: 4,352,000
Date entered union: January 3, 1959
Capital: Juneau
Nickname: The Last Frontier
Population: 614,000
Date entered union: February 14, 1912
Capital: Phoenix
Nickname: The Grand Canyon State
Population: 4,669,000
Date entered union: June 15, 1836
Capital: Little Rock
Nickname: The Natural State
Population: 2,538,000
Date entered union: September 9,1850
Capital: Sacramento
Nickname: The Golden State
Population: 32,667,000
Date entered union: August 1, 1876
Capital: Denver
Nickname: The Centennial State
Population: 3,971,000
Date entered union: January 9, 1788
Capital: Hartford
Nickname: The Constitution State
Population: 3,274,000
Date entered union: December 7, 1787
Capital: Dover
Nickname: The First State
Population: 744,000
Date entered union: March 3, 1845
Capital: Tallahassee
Nickname: The Sunshine State
Population: 14,916,000
Date entered union: January 2, 1788
Capital: Atlanta
Nickname: The Peach State
Population: 7,642,000
Date entered union: August 21, 1959
Capital: Honolulu
Nickname: The Aloha State
Population: 1,193,000
Date entered union: July 3, 1890
Capital: Boise
Nickname: The Gem State
Population: 1,229,000
Date entered union: December 3, 1818
Capital: Springfield
Nickname: Land of Lincoln
Population: 12,045,000
Date entered union: December 11, 1816
Capital: Indianapolis
Nickname: The Hoosier State
Population: 5,899,000
Date entered union: December 28, 1846
Capital: Des Moines
Nickname: The Hawkeye State
Population: 2,862,000
Date entered union: January 29, 1861
Capital: Topeka
Nickname: The Sunflower State
Population: 2,629,000
Date entered union: June 1, 1792
Capital: Frankfort
Nickname: The Bluegrass State
Population: 3,936,000
Date entered union: April 30, 1812
Capital: Baton Rouge
Nickname: The Pelican State
Population: 4,369,000
Date entered union: March 15, 1820
Capital: Augusta
Nickname: The Pine Tree State
Population: 1,244,000
Date entered union: April 28, 1788
Capital: Annapolis
Nickname: The Old Line State
Population: 5,135,000
Date entered union: February 6, 1788
Capital: Boston
Nickname: The Bay State
Population: 6,147,000
Date entered union: January 26, 1837
Capital: Lansing
Nickname: The Great Lakes State
Population: 9,817,000
Date entered union: May 11, 1858
Capital: St. Paul
Nickname: The North Star State
Population: 4,725,000
Date entered union: December 10, 1817
Capital: Jackson
Nickname: The Magnolia State
Population: 2,752,000
Date entered union: August 10, 1821
Capital: Jefferson City
Nickname: The Show Me State
Population: 5,439,000
Date entered union: November 8, 1889
Capital: Helena
Nickname: The Treasure State
Population: 880,000
Date entered union: March 1, 1867
Capital: Lincoln
Nickname: The Cornhusker State
Population: 1,663,000
Date entered union: October 31, 1864
Capital: Carson City
Nickname: The Silver State
Population: 1,747,000
New Hampshire
Date entered union: June 21,1788
Capital: Concord
Nickname: The Granite State
Population: 1,185,000
New Jersey
Date entered union: December 18,1787
Capital: Trenton
Nickname: The Garden State
Population: 8,115,000
New Mexico
Date entered union: January 6, 1912
Capital: Santa Fe
Nickname: The Land of Enchantment
Population: 1,737,000
New York
Date entered union: July 26, 1788
Capital: Albany
Nickname: The Empire State
Population: 18,175,000
North Carolina
Date entered union: November 21, 1789
Capital: Raleigh
Nickname: The Tar Heel State
Population: 7,546,000
North Dakota
Date entered union: November 2, 1889
Capital: Bismarck
Nickname: The Peace Garden State
Population: 638,000
Date entered union: March 1, 1803
Capital: Columbus
Nickname: The Buckeye State
Population: 11,209,000
Date entered union: November 16, 1907
Capital: Oklahoma City
Nickname: The Sooner State
Population: 3,347,000
Date entered union: February 14, 1859
Capital: Salem
Nickname: The Beaver State
Population: 3,282,000
Date entered union: December 12, 1787
Capital: Harrisburg
Nickname: The Keystone State
Population: 12,001,000
Rhode Island
Date entered union: May 29, 1790
Capital: Providence
Nickname: The Ocean State
Population: 988,000
South Carolina
Date entered union: May 23, 1788
Capital: Columbus
Nickname: The Palmetto State
Population: 3,836,000
South Dakota
Date entered union: November 2, 1889
Capital: Pierre
Nickname: Mount Rushmore State
Population: 738,000
Date entered union: June 1, 1796
Capital: Nashville
Nickname: The volunteer State
Population: 5,431,000
Date entered union: December 29,1845
Capital: Austin
Nickname: The Lone Star State
Population: 19,760,000
Date entered union: January 4,1896
Capital: Salt Lake City
Nickname: The Beehive State
Population: 2,100,000
Date entered union: March 4, 1791
Capital: Montpelier
Nickname: The Green Mountain State
Population: 591,000
Date entered union: June 25, 1788
Capital: Richmond
Nickname: The Old Dominion
Population: 6,791,000
Date entered union: November 11, 1889
Capital: Olympia
Nickname: The Evergreen State
Population: 5,689,000
West Virginia
Date entered union: June 20, 1863
Capital: Charleston
Nickname: The Mountain State
Population: 1,811,000
Date entered union: May 29, 1848
Capital: Madison
Nickname: The Badger State
Population: 5,224,000
Date entered union: July 10, 1890
Capital: Cheyenne
Nickname: The Equality or cowboy State
Population: 481,000  

Note: population has not been updated for the 2020 census

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