Catarina’s Quest II

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Katrina A Patton

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Catarina’s Quest II

By Katrina Patton-

Catarina’s daily life has returned to normal once again. Well, as normal as the life of a witch could be. Everything appeared to be going her way. She was now more confident about herself and more open with her friends on Earth. Still, Catarina missed her friends back on Onrevla. She began to wonder if she would ever get a chance to go back. She would not have to wait long for an answer. Strange things were beginning to happen in Onrevla including the disappearance of a bright, young student from the magic training school, Katherine. After many discussions and failed plans, Jeffrey and Oliver finally call on Catarina to return . . .

“Is this really where you fought him?” Jeffrey asked as they stepped onto the open field. Things looked different in the daytime. The last time Catarina and Oliver had been here, the sun had been going down and it had been considerably scarier as far as fields go.

“Yes, we fought here. It looks so different.” Catarina took a deep breath, looking around her cautiously, as if Zilef might slither out in his snake form at any second.

“I wish I could have been here to help you. I feel kind of guilty. If I had been able to help you like Oliver and Rowen, you might not have gotten hurt as much.”

“Don’t worry about it Jeff. Rowen and I didn’t do much anyway.” Oliver replied.

“Yes. It didn’t matter much. Besides, I wouldn’t have this if you did help. I rather like it actually.” She said, fingering the scar above her right eye.

“Oh well, I still wish you hadn’t gotten hurt. When did Professor Green say that he would be here?” Jeffrey asked.

“He just told us that he would come after he called the council members and told them about what happened last night. Maybe some of them are coming to see that I’m not going crazy or something. Maybe it won’t do anything and then they will think I’ve gone mad.”

“Cat, you aren’t going mad.” Oliver replied reasonably.

“Yes. We think you are perfectly sane. Well, as sane as a friend of ours can be.” Jeffrey told her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“You’re right. I don’t know how I can stay sane at all with you two.” They continued to joke around until Professor Green appeared. He had brought someone with him.

“May I introduce you three to Mrs. Charlotte Crown and Mr. Robert Evillan. They are two fellow council members. They wanted to come with me when I told them about what had happened last night.” Catarina recognized Mr. Evillan right away. He was the council member that Oliver’s father had recognized only four days ago. Mrs. Crown was the council member who had asked them to talk to the fairies the year before.

“It’s nice to see all of you again.” Mrs. Crown replied and shook their hands.

“Yes. It hasn’t been very long since I last saw you three.” Mr. Evillan said. Catarina shuddered again. It took her two seconds to realize what she was doing and she mentally hit herself. She couldn”t believe how dumb she was acting. He was a very nice person. She was probably just more suspicious of people now that she had dealt with Zilef.

“Do you have the medallion and the ring?” Professor Green asked Catarina. She responded by taking them out and showing the council members. “Good. Can I see them please?” Catarina placed them into Professor Green’s extended hand. As soon as she did this, they began to glow again. They didn’t seem to be burning hot though because Professor Green did not drop them.

“See? It did that but much worse.” Catarina told him.

“Jeffrey, are you sure that it hadn’t done this before?” Professor Green asked.

“Positive. My mom was the one who suggested giving it to Catarina.” His cheeks went red but he continued speaking. “She would have told me if there was anything odd about it. I guess she might not have known but wouldn’t they have told us something if they knew it glowed like that?”

“May I see that Professor?” Mrs. Crown asked. He gave her the ring. It continued to glow brighter. She took a good look at the stone, tapping it gently and then asked for the medallion. She looked at the stones inside the eyes of the spider on the medallion. She tapped them too.

“These are all the same type of stone. Can you identify what this type of rock is?” She asked them. Catarina didn’t know much about rocks. It didn’t look like anything she had ever seen before. Oliver shook his head. Professor Green didn’t know either. Mr. Evillan had no clue. Jeffrey, on the other hand, asked to see the medallion and he looked curiously at the stones. He fingered them slightly. They were very smooth.

“Hmm. They look familiar. I was reading a book about Lasinia’s history a few years ago and it talked about a stone that supposedly aided the dark kings when they reigned.”

“Oh, of course. I know which ones you are talking about. It was called the Dark Stone, which isn’t very creative, but the legends say that the kings used it to fight for control over the large regions of land. They also said that small amounts of it were used later to help in dark magic. They are extremely hard to find but they said that Vylan was one of the first owners of one. If he wanted the Dark Stone, it must be powerful. He was one of the worst dark wizards in the whole history of Onrevla.” Oliver explained.

“You’re correct Oliver. It very well may be this stone. We may have to test it to see if that is true. If it is, these two objects have a lot of power. They are probably very dangerous.” Professor Green told them.

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