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Rick E Patton and Katrina A Patton

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Author Bios

Katrina Patton and Rick Patton combine their creativity in a unique collaboration of father and daughter. Katrina spends her time away from writing trying to survive her junior year at California State University - Los Angeles. She is majoring in Psychology and is planning a career in family counseling. She hopes to incorporate her writing skills into her profession by developing a series of stories to help children learn good coping skills. Rick keeps busy managing the accounting staff at a major silicon manufacturing company. They live in the Rose Parade city of Pasadena, California. 

With four books completed, they are now working on two new books expected to be published in 2007. Katrina is in final editing on her sequel to Catarina's Quest. The new story is Catarina's Return - The Battle for the Dark Stone. Rick is nearing completion on the prequel to Mythenea Awakens. The story sets the stage for the series and is tentatively titled Tuloria Rises Again - The Destiny of Three.

The book writing in the Patton family is definitely a family affair. Janet, soul mate extraordinaire, thoughtfully provides editing and proofing services to both Rick and Katrina. Fellow writer and daughter Katrina, squeezes her own writing duties in between her straight A school work, school activities and endless service hours. Youngest daughter, Kirstin has found a way to pack her child's lifestyle with the maximum possible activities. In her spare time, she acts as the family test audience. It takes real effort to coordinate the lives of four very busy people. Be sure to read the samples from our coming stories and come back for updates as the stories progress.

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The Joey Panda Story

This story was born many years before it was published during one of many story telling experiences with my oldest daughter and fellow author, Katrina. Those wonderful times not only fostered this story, they taught my daughter to love story telling. One of my greatest pleasures in life was publishing my first book with my daughter, 'A Journey Into Imagination'. Her creativity at the young age of fifteen continues to amaze me. I look forward to reading her second book as a true fan.

News and Events

Rick and Katrina were featured in an article in the Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and Whittier Daily News. The article described their experience in publishing their first book. In spite of the odds against us, and the perceived quality of print on demand books, we have accomplished our dream. You may read the article by visiting any of the three papers and searching for our names in the archives. If you send us a , we will send you a copy of the article.

In February 2002, we discussed our book, 'A Journey Into Imagination', with the Alverno High School Alumni book club. The book club chose the book for its monthly reading selection.

In March 2002 we both returned to Katrina's elementary/junior high - Pasadena Towne and Country school on March 11th. We discussed our books and writing experience with the elementary grade classes. We were very pleased with this opportunity to return PTCS and hope our visit will motivate the children to continue to improve their reading skills.

In spite of our busy schedules, we are hoping to continue our visits to local schools. It is one of the most satisfying experiences for both of us.



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