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The Adventures of Joey Panda


A Journey Into Imagination


Mythenea Awakens


The Warlock Crystal



  0595198384.jpg A Journey Into Imagination

Our price: $18.00
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 364
ISBN: 0-595-19838-4

Our first book is an anthology of five stories by both Katrina and Rick. The book contains the following:

  • In a refreshing little love story, Ricky and Cassie learn the true meaning of friendship. The other short story takes the reader on a journey through time with Adnap Nottap and her side kick, Freddie. Adnap takes the reader back in time to ancient Greece.
  • In the three mini novels, three different characters face their own challenges and discover the true strength they have in their heart. Matthew, the king to be, gets more than he bargains for when he starts his search for a bride. He finds himself on a journey leading to his destiny.
  • Erica, at sixteen, has no desire to be a hero. Yet, she finds herself in that very role as she tries to help a friend. On the way, she discovers the true strength of her spirit and willpower, facing the greatest evil in the magic world.
  • Catarina is also a reluctant hero. Her destiny takes her to earth's twin planet, Onrevla. There, she finds herself unable to avoid the role she must play in saving both planets. She learns more than just magic. She learns to believe in herself.

The Adventures of Joey Panda 0595205283.jpg

Our price: $13.00
Format: Paperback
Size : 5 x 8
Pages: 116
ISBN: 0-595-20528-3

Even the simplest act of kindness can turn an ordinary person into a hero. Joey Panda and his sister, Penny, leave the safe and secure world in their village behind to satisfy their desire for adventure and to find their destiny. They do not realize what challenges are ahead of them until an old man convinces them to help save the legendary Panda Valley.

 sellsheet_cover.jpg The Warlock Crystal

Our price: $9.00
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 116
ISBN: 0-595-26076-4

Looking back on her life as teen, Erica remembered how normal her life had been until that one summer when her life changed forever. As she recounted the story again for her daughter, Kirstin, she realized how different her daughter was from her. The arrival of Christopher, under the spell of an evil witch, changed her life forever. She suddenly found herself, at sixteen, going on a journey to save her friend from his evil curse.

Catarina's Quest II


Special Preview



We would like to give our visitors a look at the the stories we are currently working on. Each of the preview pages describes a story that is already in the writing and editing process and includes a short excerpt from the story. They are works in progress and will continue to evolve in the process.

Catarina's Quest II

By Katrina Patton

Planned for release in Summer 2004



   sellsheet_cover1.jpgMythenea Awakens

Our price: $9.00
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 114
ISBN: 0-595-26078-0
Matthew, the king to be, did not think of himself as heroic, although he had fought to defend the kingdom many times. As he began his journey south to seek a bride to appease his father, his only concern was finding a soul mate to journey home with him. He suddenly finds himself on a heroic journey to save the continent of Mythenea. It is a road that will lead him to his soul mate and his destiny.


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